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Please find at this page all basic and relevant info in English about the Cisternino Ashram, Such info are very much needed, as the Bhole Baba Center constantly receives visits by international devotees and holistic Masters. Nevertheless, since our website features plenty of pictures and images and a strong multimedia section, we suggest you explore the rest of the website anyway.

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The Bhole Baba Center of Cisternino (Brindisi, Apulia, Italy) has been created in 1979 by will of Mahavatar Babaji as first Babaji ashram in the Western world, to help spread His teachings and message of Truth, Simplicity and Love, and to help bring humanity live according to the Sanatana Dharma, the Universal Eternal Law. The Center participates to the Italian Herakhandi Samaj, and is managed by Babaji devotees through the Bhole Baba Foundation, with the support of donations from devotees and visitors.

Life at the Cisternino ashrams unfolds according the same model as in Babaji’s Ashram in Herakhan, alternating meditation and prayers to communal work. Babaji’s yoga is an integral yoga, to be developed also in social activities, based on devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and the ability to act in everyday life, without attachments, offering each action to the Divine (Karma Yoga). The ashram life is a school where to learn to know your own self, and to discover the presence of the Divine within you. Babaji’s teaching is universal, respectful of each religious belief. It doesn’t offer a new religion, but the thousands years old science of Yoga, the knowledge of the mind, and the way of the heart.

The Cisternino Ashram is located in the countryside of Valle d’Itria, in Southern Italy (Apulia), a region known for its trulli, the characteristic stone buildings with a conic roof that are also part of the Ashram structure. The Kirtan Hall is hosted in a trullo, as well as the ashram’s dormitories and the kitchen area. In 1986 a temple, identical to the one in Herakhan, has been built in Cisternino. Babaji Himself wanted the temple to be built, as a symbol of deep connection with His Ashram in India. The Ashram of Cisternino also features the Dhyana Yogi Dhuni built in 1990, where a sacred fire burns continuously, bridging Skies and Earth: it’s a place of union and meditation, where every day we perform offer rituals with devotional chants, according to the ancient Veda tradition.

Among other devotional structures of the Ashram there are also Babaji’s Kutir (a room always ready to receive the Master, on the day of His return), a Kirtan Hall to sing Aarti and bhajans, and a shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha, where ceremonies like Yajna are performed, specially during events such as Guru Purnima, Navaratri, Shivaratri and other special celebrations. Other structures of the Bhole Baba Center, built by devotees over time, include a library, a chai shop, a yoga and meditation room, a book shop, as well as washing, farming and animal care facilities.

Anybody is welcome to participate to spiritual ceremonies and rituals in Cisternino, or to stay at the Ashram for a short period of time. The day at the Ashram also includes practical work tasks, in the Karma Yoga spirit thought by Shri Babaji: kitchen, cleaning, farming, etc.


In springtime and summertime the Ashram hosts several events and activities, including holistic seminars, workshops and talks by experts and Masters of various traditions. Over time, many Spiritual Masters have visited the Cisternino ashram, such as Shri Muniraji, Shri Shastriji, Vandana Shiva, Masanobu Fukuoka, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda, José Argüelles and many more, who have shared their knowledge in several fields: Yoga, meditation, Sanskrit, Om Healing, Veda Breathing Techniques, Sufi, Tai-chi and more. Sometimes, specially during summertime, the ashram also hosts the occasional concert of Indiana and devotional music.

For more information about the Cisternino Ashram, get in touch with us using the info on our contact page, or follow us on Facebook for further updates about special events and ceremonies, and the ongoing calendar of activities at the Bhole Baba Center. If you are planning to spend some time at the Ashram, we encourage you to contact us at least a month in advance to verify availability.

Om Namah Shivaya! Bhole Baba Ki Jay!